POLYALK WPB is an elastomeric polymer modified bituminous solution for foundations containing antistripping agents suitable for brushing and designed to seal porous surfaces. When dry it forms a blackish brown coating.                


• Surface preparation is of great importance and will influence the degree of adhesion obtained and the life of the coating.
• Repair and make good any faulty concrete in the form of cracks, honey combing, etc.
• Remove laitance, dirt, paint, loose flakes or particles or other foreign matter etc. using a vacuum cleaner or high pressure water jet or
wet sandblasting or wire brushing.
• Ensure that the concrete surface possesses an open surface texture.
• Mix POLYALK WPB using a low– speed stirrer to a form a lump-free consistency may also be adequate. Keep the mix continuously
• Apply first coat as a primer coat by brush to the damp surface.
• Allow it to dry completely.
• This should be followed by application of two additional coats of POLYALK WPB in a continuous unbroken film free from pinholes at 6-7
hour intervals.
• Ensure that all the grooves and joints are entirely coated.
• Allow to air cure for 24-48 hours until completely dry.
• POLYALK WPB is to be applied cold by brush.
• Slight dampness of surface can be tolerated due to moisture compatibility of the coating.
• Do not apply under rainy or frosty conditions.


20, 200 kg HDPE containers.