SUNANODE is a specially designed galvanic anode which is connected to reinforcement steel to protect it from corrosion. This galvanic anode system consists of a zinc alloy nucleus encapsulated by a unique formulated highly alkaline absorbent material. The anode sacrifices itself during the oxidation process and provides cathodic protection to the reinforcement steel.                 


In the galvanic series (or electropotential series), zinc is above aluminium and steel. Thus, zinc is more reactive than aluminium and steel. When two metals are in contact with each other in the presence of an electrolyte (salt water), oxidation takes place at the anode and electrons flow from the more reactive metal (Zinc - Anode) to the less reactive metal (Steel - Cathode) due to the difference in the electrical potential. This transfer of electrons makes the cathode negatively polarized and hence protecting it against corrosion. When SUNANODE is connected or attached to the reinforcement steel, the galvanic cell becomes complete. The zinc alloy anode corrodes, sacrificing itself, in turn preventing the steel from corroding.                 


10 units per tray. 150 units per box.